September 17, 2020

Brenna Quigley-Episode 51 | Roadside Terroir | Wine Talk

Brenna Quigley is a geologist and founder of the Roadside Terroir podcast. In this episode we go into how she got into wine, the natural connection between wine and geology and her love of both, women in the wine world, the wine community, the complicated geological terroir that is Alsace, blind tasting with her friend and mentor Rajat Parr, grapes she couldn't live without, and many many segues. A lot of segues. We also talk about why and how Brenna got into creating her podcast and what she has in mind for future seasons.


Brenna received her Bachelor’s Degree in Aquatic Biology and Geology from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012, and her Masters in Geology in 2015. Her research focused on geologic mapping and structural geology (how and why rocks deform). She has also worked extensively in the mining industry where she further developed her skills in geologic mapping and interpretation, soil sampling, and geophysical surveying.

Today Brenna works with wine professionals in all areas of the trade, from growers in France to importers and buyers in the US, in order to precisely define the most impactful elements of their terroirs in a relevant and approachable manner. Her work takes her all over the world, from Santa Barbara to Burgundy to Austria.


Our audio conversation was recorded over Zoom video conferencing from her residence in Napa Valley, California.


Get ready for a fun conversation. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and enjoy!

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