Esther Mobley joins me for some fun wine talk. In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics, including upcoming varietals in California, the current status of Napa Valley wines, the rise of Lodi, and the always popular natural wine debate and how it plays out in California, and the rest of the American wine scene. We also go back to how she got into her current role as the wine critic for the San Francisco Chronicle.     


Esther has worked as an editorial intern for the Wine Enthusiast and assistant editor for the Wine Spectator before landing her role as the wine critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. She primarily writes about California wines, and won an award for best writing by the Association of Food Journalists in 2017. She enjoys a well deserved reputation that allows her access behind the scenes into the world of American wine.    


Get ready for a fun conversation. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and enjoy!



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