I'm featured on the Interpreting Wine Podcast, which is run by Lawrence Francis. We go back to our recent summer trip to London. He has a great podcasting style, and his interviews always have an ambient quality to them that makes for easy listening. Plus, he always has on such knowledgeable guests, so his content is jam packed with insight and is a fun show to listen to.  



In our chat, I discuss how I first got into wine, and how the Friends of the Vine Wine Podcast took off. We talk about the North American podcast scene, favourite wines, and of course the wish list of future guests that I'm looking to have on the show.   



Get ready for an engaging conversation. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and enjoy!



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Audio recorded at The Ham Yard Hotel in the Soho district of London, July 2018.


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Intro courtesy of Shakamoraine


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