In this episode, we go back to the BBQ. Daryl and I go into our usual style of chatting about what we have in our glass as we sit by the BBQ. We talk about some of our upcoming wine orders we have coming in, our current wine cellar, what certain wines we desire to drink, and what we are drinking over the Christmas season.  



I discuss the big topics that were on the mind of those in the wine world for 2018, which includes the natural wine movement, master somm re-sits, and the release of Somm III. Many thanks to those who have been generous enough to donate to the show, including recent prizes from Hatch Wines and Kitsch Wines. 



I also talk about how the show has grown, and how my pallet continues to grow, especially given I have mentioned in previous episodes my desire to consume more Italian wines in 2018. As for 2019, who knows??? In future shows we will definitely chat with a variety of guests and current wine trends will certainly be a topic. 


Get ready for an engaging conversation. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and enjoy!





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Audio recorded at Daryl's residence by his BBQ during the 2018 Christmas season.


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