Yannick Benjamin is an advanced sommelier who works at the University Club. He is also, more importantly, a man who leads by example, co-founding Wheeling Forward, a non-profit that focuses on giving back to the community.



He also started Wine on Wheels, a growing community of wine afficionados and sommeliers putting on events to benefit charity. They bring people together from across the hospitality industry to pour wines, socialize, and raise funds to empower people with disabilities to reach their potential.



Yannick and I talk about some of his upcoming events, our takes on natural wines, the master somm re-sits, and some great recent wine tastings that Yannick has been involved with.


Get ready for an engaging conversation. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and enjoy!


Future Events for Wine on Wheels can be found here.



Interview article between Bobby Stuckey and Jordan Salcito that we reference…



Kitsch Wines giveaway- email the secret word heard within the podcast. Spec sheet for the 2017 Pinot Noir to be given away can be found here.




Great photos of all our guests can be found on our website here




Audio recorded over two Facetime sessions from Yannick's residence in New York City.


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Intro courtesy of Shakamoraine.


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